through art

Involving communities in art projects has taken part
at many Y Kinders with impressive results

Art projects have a unique way of engaging communities and often result in finished pieces which can be enjoyed for years to come. Many Y Kinders have instigated initiatives which have engaged and delighted their children, families and wider community.

Many feature local references and encourage an understanding of Country and the environment.

After two years of artistic contributions and collaboration, in November, 2021, Maldon Preschool unveiled a 2m mosaic which is mounted on the kindergarten’s wall.

The mosaic is the culmination of art sessions at the Preschool with the children, as well as community outreach activities and incorporates links to families of the region and the local environment.

It features the local landmark, Mt Tarrengower and contains tiles created by families involved with the preschool over three generations.

Bayswater North Kindergarten, worked with Aboriginal artist, Simone Thomson to create an eye catching mural for the back wall of their kindergarten. 

Symbols in the piece represent the locality, Wurundjeri country as well as reflecting the names of the kindergarten groups. The children were involved in learning about the traditional lands and were delighted to assist with the painting and added their handprints to the final design.

In Bendigo, Havilah Road Preschool ensured connection continued during pandemic restrictions by moving their Community Art Show outside, placing works on the fenceline to be enjoyed by passers by and families.

During lockdowns, colourful painted chickens started popping up all over the neighbourhood in Eltham in Melbourne’s north east. Through the generosity of local artist Joan Denison, Eltham Preschool was able to take part in the initiative and proudly host special kinder “Iso Chooks”. Children excitedly created their own to present to Joan, and paintings of the cheeky chickens donated by the artist now adorn their foyer. The uplifting project became a real talking point and took on a special focus for shared connection during the pandemic.

The development of artworks instigated by Y Kinders and the enthusiastic responses that they receive, connect them to the fabric of the area and attract people from the wider community to appreciate and enjoy.