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It’s often said that our first meal of the day is the most important…

And at 12 Y Kinders across Victoria, breakfast is on the menu.

At our Y Kinder breakfast programs, children are provided with free, nutritional breakfasts.
During the last year, 819 children benefitted from a happy and healthy start to their day, helping ensure that they were equipped with the right tools, and they were ready and eager to learn.

Through our breakfast programs, child engagement, connectedness and learning is enhanced and behavioural outcomes and concentration while at kinder are maximised. It’s also a perfect opportunity for children to learn about healthy eating and develop independence skills as they participate in the preparation.

Offering breakfast has led to increased attendance rates and better conditions for learning, with the benefits extending even further.

Not only do Breakfast Clubs encourage attendance, but they lead to children attending on time, providing more hours of involvement in the kindergarten program. Hard-pressed and time poor families appreciate the additional support leading to wider well-being.

Sitting down to breakfast at kinder also provides special times of connection. Children chat and converse with their peers and teachers enhancing social skills and language development.

The positive impact extends well beyond the overall kindergarten program with our Educators reporting the difference it makes in so many respects to children and their families.

School Readiness Funding provided $19,300 for breakfast program, setting children up for better learning outcomes.